Every day people drive drunk, causing serious injuries and even death. The injuries sustained in drunk driving accidents can be tragic. When someone is driving while intoxicated, their capacities are severely impaired, and the accidents that result can be some of the worst that happen on our roadways.

The injuries range from brain trauma, to amputations, to spinal cord damage, shattering of bones, and neck and back pain that can last a lifetime. The mental anguish that is suffered by victims can be debilitating as well.

The costs associated with these kinds of serious injuries may be quite large, involving extended hospital stays, rehabilitation, reconstructive surgeries, and long-term pain management, as well as lost wages sometimes over extended periods of time.

It can be a complicated process to file a personal injury claim in order to get the full and fair compensation you deserve. Often victims of DUI accidents are already overwhelmed, so the proposition of pursuing the compensation they are entitled to seems too large a task to take on alone.

To receive the necessary compensation to manage and rebuild a victim's life requires an experienced DUI victim attorney in Atlanta. To schedule an initial appointment with one of the experienced lawyers at the Law Offices of Shane Smith, call (770) HURT-999 today or fill out the online form on this page. We represent injured parties in and around Atlanta, GA.

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