If you have been in a drunk driver car accident, you may be exhibiting the signs of depression without even being fully aware of it yourself. Depression is an all-encompassing condition that can grey out the parts of your life that once made you happy, and it's not at all uncommon in the wake of serious accidents.

If you have developed the symptoms of a depressive disorder after a serious car accident caused by a driver who was under the influence, reach out to an Atlanta, GA, lawyer
who has handled cases like yours and will bear the burden of the legal complexities while you focus on treatment, therapy, and recovery.

Struggling with depression means: 
  • decreased enjoyment of life;
  • strained relationships with your family, children, and spouse; and
  • loss of interest in activities and hobbies that once enriched you. 

It may impact your performance at work or make you unable to work. Depression is like any other injury, except it is an invisible injury that isn't noticeable to the naked eye, unlike a cut or a broken leg.

How a Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta Can Help

After a serious drunk driver car accident, an Atlanta, GA, lawyer can help you by taking a full assessment of the impact the accident had on your psychological wellbeing
through collecting (with your permission): 
  • notes from your treating therapist or doctor that indicates you are suffering from a major depressive disorder;
  • compiling statements from your family, friends, and other loved ones who can attest that your mood has fundamentally changed; and
  • by aggregating the cost of your treatment to date and projected treatment costs in the future. 

You can recover from all of your injuries, so when you are exhibiting signs of depression after an accident caused by a drunk driver, speak to your doctor and contact a car accident attorney in Atlanta.

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