Pedestrian accidents are very common in Georgia.  On average, three pedestrians die every week in Georgia pedestrian-car crashes. Another 40 are injured.  In fact, the Atlanta metropolitan area ranks 10th in the United States for pedestrian accidents.  However, the sad fact is that most of these pedestrian could be prevented if either the driver or the pedestrian took safety precautions.  
There are five common types of pedestrian accidents in Georgia:
1.  A pedestrian crosses the road outside of a cross walk
Drivers expect pedestrians to cross in cross walks; they may not think to watch out for pedestrians at other locations.  When a pedestrian unexpectedly crosses the road, the driver may have to slam on their brakes.
2. A driver backs over a child from a driveway or parking space
Backover accidents commonly occur when the driver of a large vehicle doesn't see a small child in his blind spot.  The driver puts the car in reverse and backs over the child.  These accidents are often fatal.
3. Road design errors make it hard for a pedestrian to be seen
If roads are poorly designed or poorly lit, drivers may not see pedestrians until it is too late to stop.  In some Atlanta suburbs a lack of sidewalks and crosswalks puts pedestrians at risk.
4. A pedestrian is struck by a speeding driver.
Many Atlanta pedestrian accidents involve drivers travelling at high speeds. A driver who is speeding has less time to process the presence of a pedestrian and requires more stopping distance.  A speeding driver appears to have come out of nowhere. The pedestrian may have done everything he was supposed to, but one cannot plan for drivers who are breaking the law.  
5. Drunk driving accidents
About one-third of Georgia pedestrian accidents involve a driver who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Drunk pedestrians also contribute to Georgia pedestrian accidents.
6. Low visibility
Bad weather, glaring sun, and night can reduce visibility.  A driver who does not see a pedestrian will not stop.  Learn about reduced visibility accidents in our article: "Who Is Liable When Poor Visibility Causes Atlanta Pedestrian Accidents?"

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