Why do Atlanta pedestrian accidents happen?  Drivers most often say, "I didn't see the pedestrian."

Summer is almost here.  Atlanta's temperatures are balmy and pedestrians are taking advantage of the beautiful weather. But, pedestrians should be careful.  Poor visibility, even on sunny days, can contribute to spring and summer pedestrian accidents.

Poor visibility is something most Atlanta drivers only think about when it is dark, raining, or snowing.  Yes, darkness and bad weather do reduce visibility, but what about clear sunny days?  The sun can be deadly and not just because of ultraviolet radiation.  When sun hits a windshield at a low angle, the driver's ability to see can be significantly affected.  This greatly increases the chance of being involved in an Atlanta pedestrian accident or car accident.
When the bright sun shines on a windshield, the light washes out the image on the retina with a bright, spot or pattern. Most drivers deal with glare by pulling down the windshield visor, shading their eyes, putting on sunglasses, or squinting.  But, they keep driving despite the reduced visibility.  
How can you prevent a car accident due to poor visibility caused by the sun? Atlanta pedestrian injury lawyer Shane Smith offers these tips:



  • Sun glare accidents are most common during sunset and sunrise. If you are driving west during sunset or east during sunrise, try leaving twenty minutes earlier or later to avoid the glare. Or change your route.
  • Darker colored dashboards minimize glare, reflection, and veiling glare. This makes it easier for drivers to see cars, pedestrians, and other obstacles.
  • Don't polish your dashboard with shiny cleaners. These will increase glare and make it more difficult for you to see.
  • Wear sunglasses with polarized lenses.
  • Keep your windshield clean.

It is the driver's responsibility to watch for pedestrians even when the sun is bright. If a driver does not see a pedestrian because he has not planned for low visibility, the driver may be considered negligent if an Atlanta pedestrian accident occurs. In this case, the driver may be liable for the pedestrian's medical expenses and other damages.
If you are a victim of an Atlanta pedestrian accident, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries.  Contact the Law Office of Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999.  Atlanta pedestrian injury lawyer Shane Smith can tell you if you have a case.  The initial consultation is free.



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