Every week, at least 50 American children are injured because drivers who are backing up don't see them in the blind spot behind their vehicles; two children die in back-over accidents each week.


Consumer Reports measured the blind spots of popular vehicles using a 28 inch traffic cone to simulate a young child. The blind spot was measured as the distance from the vehicle to the spot where the driver could just see the top of the cone.


Because height is a factor in determining the size of blind spots, results are given for both an average height driver (5'8") and a short driver (5'1"). Only cars without backup cameras were tested.


Details about blind spots for specific models of cars are listed on the Consumer Reports website. In this post, we list the average length of blind spot for a 5'8" driver and a 5'1" driver for each vehicle type.


Average blind spot for a:

  • Small 4-Door Sedan

    • 5'1" driver: 24'

    • 5'8" driver: 12'

  • Mid-Size 4-Door Sedan

    • 5'1" driver: 22'

    • 5'8" driver: 13'

  • Large 4-Door Sedan

    • 5'1" driver: 23'

    • 5'8" driver: 13'

  • Wagon or Hatchback

    • 5'1" driver: 15'

    • 5'8" driver: 9'

  • Small SUV

    • 5'1" driver: 22'

    • 5'8" driver: 14'

  • Mid-Size SUV

    • 5'1" driver: 28'

    • 5'8" driver: 18'

  • Large SUV

    • 5'1" driver: 31'

    • 5'8" driver: 19'

  • Minivan

    • 5'1" driver: 26'

    • 5'8" driver: 15'

  • Pickup Truck

    • 5'1" driver: 35'

    • 5'8" driver: 24'

  • 2-Door Coupe or Sports Car

    • 5'1" driver: 22'

    • 5'8" driver: 13'


Always remember to check behind your car before backing up.


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