Impact of Failure to Receive Medical Treatment after an Accident 

In addition to the physical and emotional consequences that you may suffer when skipping a medical exam after your accident, your personal injury case may be affected negatively. 

You could face extensive medical bills that will need to be addressed. Recouping monies for injuries you didn’t seek immediate medical attention for may be difficult. It could be viewed as an exaggeration or pre-existing conditions for which you are trying to be compensated. 

In addition, you may find yourself missing a lot of time from work, so you'll want to be compensated for your lost earnings. Failure to receive medical treatment could prevent recovery of these wages. 

By receiving medical treatment you can provide evidence of the extent and severity of the injuries you sustained. Your X-rays, lab results, charts, and other medical records will be vital if you want to pursue damages in your personal injury case. 

After You Have Been Involved in an Atlanta Accident 

There are certain steps you need to take after you have been involved in an accident in Atlanta. One of the most important is getting checked out by a doctor. When you fail to take measures to protect your rights, it can lead to your personal injury case being denied

Another important step is to seek legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer. An attorney can explain how best to proceed with your case and what types of evidence will be necessary to establish that fault lies with the other driver. 

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