Among the most severe and deadly of Atlanta traffic accidents are side impact collisions. A side impact accident occurs when the front of an oncoming vehicle hits the side of another vehicle.  These crashes include broadside and T-bone collisions.
In a side impact crash, the head remains still as the body is pushed to the side. The jarring results in neck injuries. In addition, because there is a limited cushion of space between the side of a vehicle and its occupants, a side impact accident is likely to result in “intrusion” as parts of the other car push into the passenger cabin.   This means that the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and thighs of the occupants may be struck directly, resulting in broken bones, internal injuries, head injuries and spinal injuries.
Side-impact airbags offer some protection to vehicle occupants during side collisions, but these are not mandatory and are not present in all vehicles.  In addition, side impact wrecks are more likely to involve multiple individual collisions or sudden speed changes.   The airbag can only provide protection during the first collision.
Side impact crashes account for 20.7 percent of all fatal crashes and 32.2 percent of injury crashes.   They are responsible for about 8,500 deaths each year.  Fifty nine percent of side impact fatalities included a brain injury. When victims don’t die, they are often left with long-term disabilities – particularly traumatic brain injury.
More than 70 percent of side impact accidents occur at intersections when a driver fails to stop at a stop sign or red light. 
There are several factors that determine the severity of a of a side impact crash:
• The speed on the oncoming vehicle
• The weight of the oncoming vehicle
• The point of collision
• Safety features
• Whether or not the oncoming vehicle intrudes into the other vehicle
• Relative size of the vehicles.
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