Most accidents between a car and truck are the result of truck driver negligence. When this is the case and you have suffered serious injuries as a result, compensation may be available through a truck accident claim.

AnAtlantatruck accident lawyer can help determine liability. Not only could the driver be found at fault, but also the trucking company that employs the driver could be liable. Additionally, an attorney may be able to assist with the evidence collection that will be necessary to prove the driver’s negligence.

Common Types of Truck Driver Negligence

Driving a semi carries with it a lot of stress and pressure. There are deadlines to meet, items to unload and a number of other responsibilities. This can lead to a truck driver operating a big rig in an unsafe manner.

One common type of truck driver negligence is fatigue. With drivers sometimes spending days at a time on the road, they easily can experience exhaustion.

It is for this reason there are federal regulations in place concerning how many hours a driver can operate their truck. If there is a violation, it can lead to a driver falling asleep at the wheel or being inattentive due to drowsiness.

Another type of truck driver negligence is speeding. In an effort to make the next stop in time, the driver may exceed the speed limit.

Driving a truck at a high rate of speed increases the potential for catastrophic consequences. It is difficult for semis to stop in time if they have been traveling too fast, and speeding is a common cause for a rollover.

Not taking into account weather conditions is yet another type of truck driver negligence. When the roads are slick and drivers don’t slow down, it can result in the truck sliding or jackknifing.

As the victim of a truck accident, you likely will have significant medical bills in addition to a lack of income as you recover. Consult a Georgia truck accident attorney to explore your legal options - 1-770-HURT-999 (1-770-487-8999).

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