There are two kinds of motor carriers: interstate and intrastate carriers. An interstate carrier provides transportation services across state borders and has to register with the Secretary of Transportation. An intrastate carrier operates solely within one state and does not affect interstate commerce. Federal regulations from the federal government only apply to interstate commerce and federal regulations governing: motor carriers, tractor-trailers, or semi carriers. The few intrastate carriers only have to comply with state laws governing commercial vehicles.

However, nowadays most states have adopted the federal regulations governing motor carriers. They apply them to intrastate carriers and all commercial vehicles within their boundaries.

Many years ago the difference in intra and interstate carriers was significant. However, in recent time, it is minimal due to the fact that there are very few limited intrastate carriers and this was further diminished by the impact of most states adopting or absorbing the federal regulations on motor carriers and traffic and trucking carriers.

The reason it is important is because the application of interstate carrier rules and regulations. While the distinction is minimal it is important to verify that the federal regulations and federal motor carrier safety rules do apply in your case. This is the first step in analyzing a trucking accident.

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