Although most of us think that professional headhunters or properly placed and worded job ads can find the best applicants for our companies, one old-fashioned resource is very much in vogue again. Stated simply, it’s the university career placement office. If you’ll keep in close contact with the career placement offices at the universities that have consistently produced your company’s finest new employees in the past, you should stay far ahead of the competition.

Over the years, certain professional groups have always maintained strong ties with these offices – but now many other types of employers are realizing the advantages of once again developing and maintaining close contact with college career placement offices.

For one thing, they're right on campus and the students have easy access to them. In addition, many students including (harder-to-place liberal arts majors) regularly visit these offices seeking interviews with a wide variety of companies. Having one or two of your hiring executives visit these offices regularly can prove very profitable.

Here are some of the other reasons why you may want to establish stronger ties with career placement officers at the best colleges.

Advantages of Hiring Students through Their Schools’ Career Centers

Help with coordinating internships prior to offering jobs. Many of today's employers strongly preferred to first hire a student as an intern, possibly while s/he is still in school. Whether it's a paid or unpaid position, both parties can learn plenty about one another to see if they might like to eventually work as employer/employee together. Although they rarely advertise this service, a number of college career centers will help you coordinate your internships;

  • Obtaining recent, accurate skills assessments. You have the option of asking the career placement offices to only grant interviews to students who have successfully completed certain coursework; have obtained specific certifications; and/or received acceptable scores on a variety of specialized tests. This can help your company move forward much more quickly when hiring interns or full-time workers;

  • Experience greater ease when trying to obtain trustworthy academic references. If you first obtain a desirable student’s permission, you can contact recent professors and instructors to obtain truly candid observations about each applicant's true skills and leadership qualities. Depending on your industry, you’ll often find that graduate students are frequently hired by professors to help them handle extremely technical assignments for companies in the private sector. This type of work often allows these professors unique insights into each student’s basic knowledge, creativity and daily work habits.

It's a good idea to keep updated company information in the career placement offices of specific schools that tells students about your company’s current projects and the types of benefits you often offer interns and employees. While you may not want to initially release names, it might also prove useful to list how many recent graduates you’ve hired from various schools – possibly even indicating how long they've been with you and if they've been promoted into higher-level positions.

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