The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as well as many other organizations, encourages bicycling as a fun, healthy, and environmentally friendly alternative method o driving a motor vehicle.  However, along with the many benefits of riding a bicycle, there are many dangers to riding on the busy roads and streets because of the lack of protection from motor vehicles.


In order to preserve the practicality and realistic option of bicycling instead of driving to get around town, drivers of automobiles must have a respect for bicyclists and work to enhance safety for all users of the roads, no matter what form of transportation they use.  If you are a bicyclist who has been injured in an auto accident, call an experienced Coweta County accident attorney today for a free consultation.


According to the NHTSA, in 2010, there were 618 reported bicyclist fatalities and approximately 52,000 injuries due to accidents with automobiles.  Some of the most common accidents occurred when:


  • A driver pulled out from a side street onto a main road and does not notice the bicyclist
  • A driver opens his car door and the bicyclist runs into it because he cannot stop in time
  • A driver makes a right-hand turn and hits a bicyclist who is riding against traffic
  • A driver fails to yield to a bicyclist crossing at a crosswalk
  • A driver hits a bicyclists while trying to pass them on a narrow road


These are only a few of the countless scenarios that can cause bicycle crashes.  Most of these situations are caused by carelessness or impatience on the part of the driver, and not mistakes made by the cyclist.  Drivers should realize that bicyclists have just as much of a right to use the roads and should be respectful and willing to safely share the road.


In the unfortunate event that you are riding a bicycle and injured in an auto accident, you will likely be able to recover for your personal injuries, and it is important that you contact an accident attorney as soon as possible.  Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 to discuss your case with a dedicated Coweta County auto accident lawyer, who will help you receive a fair settlement.

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