Brain injuries can have a severe impact on your life.  A survivor of a severe brain injury may require as much as ten years of therapy and rehabilitation, and up to two-thirds of survivors may need rehabilitative services for the rest of their lives.  Given that brain injury survivors often continue to live a normal life span, and that people under thirty years of age are most likely to suffer a brain injury, life-long services can cost be financially devastating.  In fact, the Center for Head Injury Services reports that a brain injury can often cost more than $4,000,000.  If you have suffered a brain injury, contacting a Coweta County brain injury attorney can help you recover from such financial devastation.

Brain injuries are more common than you may think.  According to the CHIS brain injury statistics, a person suffers a traumatic brain injury approximately every two seconds, adding up to 2,000,000 per year.  Those injuries lead to death about once every five minutes.  Brain injuries can be caused by many different events, as well.  While most people associate brain injuries with professional athletes who play football or hockey, in reality only about 10% of brain injuries are caused by sports.  The leading cause of traumatic brain injuries is motor vehicle accidents, which cause just over half of brain injuries each year.  Other causes are falls, recreational activities, and assaults or violence.

In short, a traumatic brain injury can happen to anyone, not just professional athletes.  Additionally, you may not recognize a brain injury right away.  You do not have to directly strike your head to suffer a brain injury.  Whiplash often results in such injuries with zero direct contact to the head.  You also do not have be knocked unconscious to suffer a traumatic brain injury.  Furthermore, once you sustain one traumatic brain injury, it is three times more likely you will sustain another.  Once you sustain two brain injuries, you are eight times more likely to suffer a third.

Even mild brain injuries can result in cognitive impairments that require costly therapy, and can keep you from working or enjoying your life.  If you have sustained a serious brain injury, a Coweta County brain injury attorney at The Law Offices of Shane Smith can help you receive a fair settlement for your injuries and financial obligations. Call us today for your free legal consultation at (770) 487- 8999.

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