Athletes know the risks of injuries in sports, specifically sprains, strains, torn ligaments, and fractured bones. Athletes in contact sports furthermore recognize the possibility of injuries from the hits that they may take, both against other players, the ground, or the boards. Players of contact sports such as football or hockey often suffer brain injuries, such as concussions, as a result of such hits. Sometimes, these brain injuries simply occur due to the nature of the sport. However, sometimes, brain injuries happen because someone was negligent or reckless. Victims of brain injuries caused by negligent or reckless behavior deserve to be reimbursed for their injuries by the responsible party and should contact a Fayette County PI attorney today.

Some ways a brain injury may occur in contact sports due to someone’s negligence include:

  • A coach pushes players beyond their skill level or encourage them to keep playing after a blow to the head
  • A helmet is not made properly and does not adequately protect the head
  • Another player acts in a reckless or intentionally violent manner against the rules
  • The league does not provide sufficient protective gear or have strict enough rules to avoid brain injuries

Recently, both the NFL and NHL have faced lawsuits from former players claiming the leagues negligently concealed the long-term effects of brain injuries, especially repeated injuries. Furthermore, the players claim that medical staff encouraged them to continue playing after a possible brain injury, which greatly increases the risks of repeated and more serious brain injuries. These behaviors do not only happen in professional sports, however, but can occur in recreational and even little leagues.

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