Georgia Brain Injury Attorney Shane Smith Explains How Medical Professionals Evaluate Traumatic Brain Injuries

Every day individuals are injured in car accidents, sports injuries and other personal injuries. One injury that is common among individuals is a traumatic brain injury. According to the Center for Outcome Measurement in Brain Injury, there are many different ways to measure the short and long-term effects of a traumatic brain injury.

How are traumatic brain injuries measured?

One metric to measure how severe a traumatic brain injury is, is with the Disability Rating Scale. The disability rating scale measures a comprehensive set of functions a victim displays after the injury.

For example, with the Disability Rating Scale, three examples of monitoring include a patient’s ability to:

  • Open their eyes
  • How (verbally and written) and how well they can communicate
  • Move around – how they can move their arms, legs, neck, back, etc.   

Based on the level of functioning observed, a rating is assessed. Further tests include how well a victim can take care of themselves through their ability to prepare and eat food, how they can take care of hygiene and bodily functions and the ability to wash and take care of oneself.

Another type of assessment includes the Independent Living Scale (ILS). As the name implies, it determines how well a person can take care of themselves without any physical or mental assistance. This is similar to the first assessment, but it assesses an individual in a hypothetical case of living independently.

Patients with a traumatic brain injury, caused by a negligent third-party, will want to have their disabilities noted and determined, with the help of a Gwinnett County brain injury lawyer. If a personal injury case exists, the amount of damages is often determined by how much help is necessary for the injured individual. When you speak with a Gwinnett County brain injury lawyer, if it’s deemed necessary, a medical exam may be ordered to determine how an individual’s life will be temporarily or permanently affected. Don’t wait any longer - call our law offices today to speak with a Georgia brain injury lawyer now!     

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