Gwinnett County Brain Injury Attorney Shane Smith Discusses What Science Has Discovered About Traumatic Brain Injuries

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Emory University, there is ground breaking research on new ways to help victims of brain injuries, including traumatic brain injuries to recover faster and more completely.

Recent scientific research has found that the hormone progesterone may be able to help people recover partially, or potentially fully from progesterone. Researchers have found out when rats experience a brain injury and are exposed to progesterone, they recovered better than rats without progesterone.

Researchers are very pleased with the results because they see the possibility of victims from any type of accident – car crashes, falls, etc. – any type of brain injury – recovering from their injury with the help of progesterone. After many years of having a limited ability to treat those with brain injuries, this is promising news. In fact, the report cites serious statistics as follows:

  • Anywhere from 1.5 to 2 million individuals sustain a traumatic brain injury annually.
  • Of the above figure, 50,000 are fatal and 80,000 sustain life-long disabilities.

The clinical research shows that while progesterone is in male and female brains, when progesterone is administered to a brain injury victim, cells are much more likely to be protected and avoid damage.   

Further studies are being held to determine what the long-term effects of progesterone are on traumatic brain injuries with some victims receiving progesterone and others not. This is an exciting development in the traumatic brain injury treatment field.

While science is advancing and taking steps to help traumatic brain injury victims live fuller lives with fewer short and long-term effects, the cost of this treatment and other treatment related to traumatic brain injuries is costly. If a personal injury claim exists, which is determined by speaking with a Mechanicsville brain injury lawyer, may be included as part of the recoverable costs.

Individuals and their family who experience a traumatic brain injury from a car accident, a fall from a workplace or other un-properly supervised area, or other type of incident that a third party is liable for providing protection, a legal claim may exist. The only way to determine what legal options you have is to talk with a Gwinnett County brain injury lawyer. This meeting will figure out what your individual circumstances entitle you to and how a Georgia brain injury lawyer will help you obtain closure.  

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