When we bring consumer products into our home, we expect them to be safe to use as intended and not present an unreasonable risk of injury. This is particularly true when it comes to products designed for infants or young children, as they often do not realize the dangers that can everyday items can pose. In an effort to keep children safe, products designed for use by children are subject to strict federal regulations. These regulations cover a wide range of products designed for use by children, ranging from clothing to toys. Unfortunately, these regulations may not always be sufficient or may even be ignored, and tragedy can result. If you believe that your child has been injured by a consumer product that was unreasonably dangerous, you should contact one of our experienced personal injury attorneys as soon as possible.

One way that the federal government seeks to keep consumers safe from dangerous products is by establishing procedures for the reporting of adverse events in relation to consumer products, as well as for issuing recalls. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has recently reported that retailer BreathableBaby has recalled its BreathableSacks wearable blankets for infants due to a potential choking hazard. The item at issue is a wearable blanket that comes in two sizes, small and medium, and is available in 3 colors. The affected products are from Lot No. 124 with a manufacture date of 04/17/2012. They were available for sale at various stores, online retailers, and at www.breathablebaby.com. Consumers should stop using the blankets immediately and contact BreathableBaby for a replacement blanket.

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