Traditionally, victims of car accidents can recover for their injuries when another driver causes the accident to happen.  Therefore, if you are the one who causes the accident, you may be facing a lawsuit from the driver you hit.  However, under some circumstances, you may still recover for your own injuries and damage if your vehicle actually causes the accident.  For example, if you collide with another car because a part on your motor vehicle malfunctions, an experienced auto accident attorney in Fayette County can help you recover from the negligent manufacturer.


Parts of cars that commonly defect and cause accidents include:


  • Tires
  • Steering columns
  • Brakes
  • Airbags (if they suddenly deploy)
  • Acceleration pedals
  • Windshield wipers and defrosters


Products Liability Lawsuits

Manufacturers are required by law to only sell products that are reasonably safe for intended consumers and intended use.  If a product may potentially be dangerous, a manufacturer must warn consumers of the risks.  When you buy a car, you should be able to trust that all of the parts work properly and safely.  If a part is defective, you deserve to recover for any damage or injury you suffer from a resulting accident.


Car manufacturers can be negligent in the following ways:


  • Defective design of car parts
  • Defective manufacturer of car parts
  • Defective assembly putting the car together
  • Failure to inspect for safety
  • Failure to warn of potential danger


If a company is negligent in any of these ways, you may file a products liability claim against the manufacturer to receive the compensation you deserve.


If you have been injured in an auto accident because your car malfunctioned or for any other reason, you should contact an auto accident lawyer to help you file a claim.  Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 to schedule a free consultation today.

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