Millions of children around the United States are involved in various sports programs.  Sports are a good way for children to learn teamwork and other social skills, all while staying physically active.  The downside of playing sports is the constant risk of injury to your child.  Sports injuries can require expensive medical treatment, physical therapy, and even surgery.  While many sports injuries happen due to no one’s fault, sometimes sports injuries occur at the fault of a coach or other team official.  If you r child is injured while playing a sport, you likely have many questions regarding your options for recovery from the coach, school, teammate, or team sponsor.  Consulting with a Coweta County personal injury attorney is the easiest way to get answers to your questions and help you file a claim if you have a possible case.


Ordinarily, parents cannot sue for injuries that naturally occur in sports, such as sprains, muscle or ligament tears, or fractures.  This is because when you allow your child to participate in a certain sport, you assume the risk of injuries that may happen in that sport.  However, under certain circumstances, your child’s sports injury may lead to lawsuits.


  • Intentional and other reckless acts—If another player intentionally or recklessly injured your child, they may have to compensate you for the injury.  Examples of this include a teammate starting a fight during play, intentionally injuring an opponent after play has stopped, or recklessly throwing equipment, such as a baseball bat, that hits an opponent.
  • Negligent Coaching—A coach has a duty to provide proper training and coaching for a certain player’s age and skill level.  If a coach pushes or instructs your child to perform activities beyond your child’s skill level and your child suffers injury, you may try to hold that coach responsible for the injuries.
  • Products liability—If protective equipment is defective due to design or manufacturing flaws and does not adequately protect your child from injury as it should, you may have a legal claim against the sports equipment company.


The risk of injury does not mean that children should not continue to participate in sports.  However, if your child is injured, always contact a personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 to discuss a possible case.

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