Sending Incorrect or Incomplete Information to the Insurance Adjuster

   The insurance company is going to ask you to send them a packet of your medical bills about your lost wages and pain and suffering.  If you send shoddy information to them, it will damage your case.  If you send lost wage information and say, "Well, I missed six days of work," but you don’t send the proper paperwork from your employer showing your rate of pay, and how many days you missed, you will hurt your case.  If they ask for medical bills and you don’t send all of your medical bills, you will not be paid the full value of your case.  When you go to the emergency room and you don’t get treated on health insurance, there’s a bill from ambulance, there’s a bill from the emergency room, there’s a bill from the ER doctor, and there’s a bill from the X-ray people.  That’s four bills for one trip to the emergency room.  If you only send two bills, guess what?  They’ll be more than happy to pay you for only two. 

    When my firm sends information to the insurance company, we create a nice packet.  We draft a demand letter about the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident.  We include a section about your medical treatment, where you went, what kind of diagnoses you received, what kind of treatment the doctors did, what medicine they gave you.  Next, we include a section about your medical bills, with an intemized expense list, including your lost wages and any future medical expenses we expect.  Finally, there ought to be a section talking about your pain and suffering, or inconvenience due to the accident.  What are some things that you cannot do because of the accident?  What are some things you missed because of the accident and your injuries?  Did you miss your high school prom?  Were you unable to play in any sports tournaments?  Could you not go fishing with your Sunday fishing buddy?  Could you not work in your yard or around your house?  Talk about some specific things that you could not do because of the accident.  If you have children and could not pick them up, you can talk about the fact that your children did not understand why daddy or mommy could’t suddenly pick them up anymore, or why you could not wrestle with them on the floor.  Talk about specific things.  This is what goes into pain and suffering, in addition to the fact that you were hurt.

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