As people age, the risk of sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI) grows significantly. Traumatic brain injury can be a very serious condition and can sometimes result in long term disability or even death. Falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury, making the issue even more salient to seniors. The Law Offices of Shane Smith is a law firm dedicated to representing people who have sustained TBIs as the result of the negligence of another.

One in three seniors over the age of 65 will fall in the next year, and older people particularly at risk for having TBIs that result in hospitalization or death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide the following suggestions to reduce the risk of seniors sustaining a TBI:

  • Exercise – regular exercise is one of the best ways to reduce an older person’s risk of falling. Muscle strength helps a person feel better and stronger. The CDC recommends exercises that improve balance, such as Tai Chi, for people particularly at risk for falling
  • Making your environment safer
    • Remove clutter or other debris from floors and stairwells.
    • Use rugs or mats in places that may become slick, such as the bathroom or kitchen
    • Place items that are often used nearby.
    • Place grab-bars in the bathroom, next to the bathtub, toilet, or shower
    • Be certain to wear shoes that have good traction
    • Be sure your living area and outdoor walkways are well lit
    • Remove items from the floor, such as papers, books, clothes, or shoes

In addition, older adults should have their doctor review their prescriptions on a regular basis. Certain medications can cause dizziness or drowsiness, and can increase a person’s risk of falling. Also, as our bodies age, the medications that we take may affect us differently. As a result, it is important to make sure our medications are the correct dosage and appropriate for the medical conditions that they are indicated to treat.

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