TITLE 40 Chapter 6 Article 1 Note

§ 40-6-1. Observance of chapter required;
punishment for violations generally: maximum
fines for certain offenses

§ 40-6-2. Obedience to authorized persons directing traffic

§ 40-6-3. Chapter refers to operation of vehicles on highways; exceptions

§ 40-6-4. Persons riding animals or driving animal drawn vehicles

§ 40-6-5. Persons working on highways

§ 40-6-6. Authorized emergency vehicles

§ 40-6-7. Operation of motor vehicles in parades

§ 40-6-8. Rights of owners of real property

§ 40-6-9. Challenges to speed limits and other traffic regulations established or enforced by local governing ...

§ 40-6-10. Insurance requirements for operation of motor vehicles generally

§ 40-6-11. Insurance requirements for operation of motorcycles

§ 40-6-12. Subsequent violation; proof of financial responsibility

§ 40-6-13. Courts having jurisdiction to try offenses

§ 40-6-14. Limits on sound volume produced by radio, tape player, or other mechanical sound-making device or ...

§ 40-6-15. Knowingly driving motor vehicle on suspended, canceled, or revoked registration a misdemeanor; punishment

§ 40-6-16. Procedure for passing stationary authorized emergency vehicles, stationary towing or recovery vehicles, ...

§ 40-6-17. Prohibited use of traffic-control device preemption emitter; penalty


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