Child care centers in the Untied States must be licensed by that particular state's Department of Family Services, Social Services, or an equivalent.  When parents choose an appropriate child care center to which they will entrust their children on a daily basis, they should be able to rely on licensure standards to trust that licensed centers will be safe.  Unfortunately, many child care centers have expired or fraudulent licenses, or have employees that do not meet the requirements of their licenses.  These child care centers and their employees put hundreds, possibly thousands, of small children at risk each day.  In some tragic cases, children die because of the lack of care or supervision at negligent child care centers.  In the highly unfortunate circumstance that you lose a precious child due to careless behavior or adverse conditions at a child care center, an experienced Fayette County wrongful death lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to hold the day care center responsible for your child's death.


Though most parents may not be able to imagine losing their child while at day care, one family in Philadelphia suffered this exact nightmare earlier in 2013.  The case was complicated: a woman was fraudulently running a child care center under her sister-in-law's name to conceal her own criminal history, which would keep her from obtaining her own child care license.  In addition, she hired an employee who also had an extensive criminal history that should have kept him from working with children.  One tragic day, the woman left 20 children in the care of that employee so she could go gambling at a casino.  The employee allowed all 20 children to swim simultaneously in a small in-ground pool with filthy water.  As a result of all of these actions, a seven year old boy drowned in the deep end of the pool.  Two months before the child's death, another child care center owned by the same woman had been closed by the state because of gross incompetence and negligence likely to constitute immediate and serious danger to the life or health of the children.  However, the state had allowed the other facilities to remain open, with tragic results.


If you ever are in same position of this Philadelphia family, and tragically lose a child due to a negligent or fraudulent day care center, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit to hold that facility and its employees responsible for your child's death.  The Law Offices of Shane Smith knows that this is an extremely difficult time in your life, and the office has an experienced wrongful death attorney waiting to help you.  Call today at (770) 487-8999 for a free consultation.

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