The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently requested that Chrysler recall approximately 2.7 million sport utility vehicles due to a potential defect in the fuel tanks that could cause fires in case of an auto accident.  The NHTSA claims that the fuel tanks in the Grand Cherokee and Jeep Liberty are positioned in a dangerous position with an increased risk of a rupture or puncture in a rear-end collision or rollover accident.  Such a rupture could leak gas and cause devastating car fires, likely resulting in serious injury or death.  If you are in an accident and are injured due to a defective car part, call a Fayette County auto accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case.


In a bold move, Chrysler is refusing to issue a recall of the SUVs, claiming the design and positioning of the fuel tank is not unsafe.  Chrysler stated that the data compiled by the NHTSA is incomplete and inconclusive, and maintains that the SUVs targeted do not actually have more instances of car fires than any other type of motor vehicle.  Therefore, the company believes a massive recall would be completely unnecessary.  It is as of now unclear how the NHTSA will respond, but Chrysler has issued a statement saying the company would cooperate with the NHTSA to reach a mutually agreeable solution.


Defective design or manufacture of car parts can cause additional and more serious injuries in the case of a motor vehicle accident.  Make sure you keep up to date on any recalls, and always obey instructions if a recall is issued.  Large scale recalls are generally only issued if there is a real safety hazard, and therefore these recalls should not be taken lightly.


Finally, if you are injured in an accident due to a defective car part or for any other reason, it is important to contact an experienced Fayette County personal injury attorney as soon as possible.  Do not hesitate to call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 today.

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