Receiving prompt medical attention is essential for a Georgia auto accident victim or someone who has suffered a slip and fall or jostling accident with a head injury. But consulting an experienced Georgia brain injury attorney can be just as important. A Clayton County brain injury lawyer at the Law Office of Shane Smith can pursue a Georgia personal injury claim.


Brain injury claims require extensive case preparation and document review. Appropriate information is essential to bring and support a victim's claim. This information will include accident evidence, medical records and personal information.


Accident evidence

Key accident-related evidence includes the law enforcement and insurance accident reports, accident scene photographs including those of damaged vehicles and surrounding areas and eyewitness names and contact information. Your representatives at the Law Office of Shane Smith will contact the appropriate Georgia law enforcement agency to see if the offending party was arrested and/or interrogated following the accident and will obtain any relevant documents. Medical documents from first responders such as Emergency Medical Technicians or emergency room exams will also be obtained.


Medical records

Ongoing medical treatment may be required following a traumatic brain injury. Symptoms may take some time before appearing and may become more serious as time passes. Reporting to the doctor any psychological/behavioral symptoms such as altered personality, anxiety, depression, increased aggressiveness or anger, mood shifts, antisocial behavior, impulsiveness or lack of emotion may help in the victim's diagnosis and treatment. Having these symptoms documented may also be used as part of the victim's claim. Following a physician's advice and taking prescriptions, promptly informing an attorney of medical appointments and diagnoses are essential parts of maintaining a legitimate legal claim.


Personal information

Documenting changes to a victim's life after an accident can be useful evidence in a Georgia brain injury claim. Loss of income, short- and long-term memory loss, confusion, attention deficits, impaired judgment and linguistic difficulties are just some of the cognitive difficulties that may result from a traumatic brain injury. Statements from family, supervisors or co-workers may be useful as the claim advances.


The Law Offices of Shane Smith will aggressively pursue a brain injury case to get fair compensation for the victim. Call Clayton County brain injury lawyer Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999 today.

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