Traumatic Brain Injury: An Extremely Debilitating Injury Suffered by Innocent Car Accident Victims

Being a victim of a car accident is a very traumatic experience that all too often leaves innocent victims with both emotional and physical injuries. Some people never recover from these types of injuries. A traumatic brain injury is one type of injury that leaves the victim and their family with lasting physical and emotional pain – sometimes the traumatic brain injury requires around the clock medical care for the victim.

Traumatic brain injury occurs during a Clayton County car accident when an occupant’s head is jolted or experiences a hard impact against a hard portion of the car. When an occupant hits the windshield, car door, door window or part of the car’s frame, coupled with the force of the impacting car during a Lake City car accident, traumatic brain injuries can easily result.

There are many symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, which include:

Mild traumatic brain injury:

  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • New memory and concentration problems
  • Light and/or sound sensitivity
  • Dulled or abnormal senses – ringing ears, non-normal taste, etc.

Advanced traumatic brain injury:

  • Extended and near permanent confusion
  • Changed personality after the accident
  • Constant headaches
  • Slow, slurred speech
  • Slipping into a coma

If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury, contact the Law Offices of Shane Smith to see if you are entitled to damages from the traumatic brain injury’s emotional and physical damages. If treatment is complete or medical professionals have determined the traumatic brain injury requires rehabilitative treatment or if life-long treatment is required, we can help recover a fair settlement for you or your loved one.

For long-term or life-long medical treatment, an accident attorney is especially helpful because our experience with evaluating the trust cost of this type of medical treatment will give you or your loved one enough compensation to live a dignified and just life.

After an accident in Georgia, first responders normally arrive at an accident scene. One of the things they check for during the accident scene evaluation is a traumatic brain injury. If there is any sign of a traumatic brain injury, a Clayton County accident victim will be transported to the nearest hospital. However, if a Lake City car accident victim is discharged from the accident scene in Georgia, the person still might experience signs of a traumatic brain injury. Without emergency treatment, a traumatic brain injury can deteriorate into a life threatening condition.

There are some things that can be done to determine the severity of a Georgia traumatic brain injury:

  • The Glasgow Coma Scale determines how well a person can follow directions, move their arms, legs and eyes. The higher the rating, the less severe the injury is.
  • Doctors can order a CT scan or an MRI to look into the brain to see if there is any internal bleeding, swelling, bruised tissue or skull fractures.

Based on this diagnostic information, medical professionals can give a much better prognosis and treatment for the short and long terms.

Since everyone’s traumatic brain injury will vary from their car accident, the Clayton County  car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Shane Smith will be able to work with you or your loved one to determine the exact extent of the physical and emotional damages. Don’t sit at home and wait for an insurance adjuster to give you an offer that does not adequately take care of your medical treatment costs. The Law Offices of Shane Smith (770) 487-8999 will be happy to sit down with you or a loved one and go over all aspects of the case to maximize your legal claim.

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