It’s no coincidence that company names like Apple, Google, CNN, Virgin, and have proven both popular and enduring. Good company names often involve terms that bring up “pure” images such as Apple and Virgin. Others are simply easy-to-remember acronyms like CNN which stands for Cable News Network. While the name “Google” initially sounds a bit silly, it’s definitely easy to remember.                                                                                   

Key traits of good company names are ones that are “unique, powerful and [capable of conveying] the culture of [a] business.” Here are some other tips that were recently shared in an article entitled, Four Tips for Naming Your Business in a Mobile and Social World.” A few other observations have also been added to those shared in this online article.

Factors to Bear in Mind When Selecting the Best Name for Your New Company

  • Choose the right type of Internet domain or “name ending.” Although educational institutions usually choose to end their names with “.edu,” most companies still prefer to obtain websites that end in “.com.”  Consumers still exhibit a strong preference for these since they’ve been around for such a long time, even though that will eventually change.  In the future, other website endings like .net, ,biz, and odd endings like “.ninja” might become fairly common – but until then, it’s best to stick with what consumers still seem to prefer;
  • Short company names, comprised of 10 or fewer letters, are easiest for consumers to remember. According to one source referenced in this article on naming your company, most highly successful businesses “throughout history” have had rather short names, although there are always a few exceptions. Keep in mind that since a large amount of marketing is now done using Twitter (which only allows for a total of 140-characters per “tweet,” ), you don’t want to use up too much character space with an unnecessarily long, hard-to-remember name;
  • You’ll need a social media presence. Make sure the few names you like the most haven’t already been taken over by another person or entity on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and other similar websites. You will need to establish your company’s presence on these and other popular social media websites in order to protect your name and use the sites for marketing purposes;
  • Choose a small, yet easy to recognize icon for your company. Always remember that many of today’s consumers will be accessing your website via their iPhones which usually have rather small screens. Having an easily recognizable icon or logo can go a long way toward helping you market your goods and services.

Always remember to just choose a simple name so your potential customers can easily memorize it -- and then immediately focus their thoughts on researching all of the goods and services your company has to offer.

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