One type of truck driver negligence that has become more common is distraction. This includes talking on a cell phone, adjusting radio dials, texting while driving, using a GPS and other similar behavior that could cause a driver to be involved in a truck accident by taking his or her eyes or mind off the road.

Impairment is yet another type of negligence. Alcohol and street drugs may be a factor, but some truck drivers may take medication to stay awake. This could actually have a dangerous effect.

Truck driver negligence isn’t just found in driver behaviors. It can also pertain to the truck itself. For instance, if the truck exceeds its maximum load or wasn’t properly loaded, it could be at risk of rolling over.

The truck may not have been properly inspected before hitting the road, or necessary repairs might have been missed. This could lead to other parties being found liable and will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding your accident.

How an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

You may need the help of a lawyer who has experience handling truck accident claims to prove liability. There are a variety of ways this can be done, including through log books, truck maintenance records, and any other documentation pertaining to the truck and accident.

In addition, you may be able to hold other parties responsible such as the trucking company, contractors responsible for the upkeep of the truck and manufacturers of trucking equipment. The best way to learn what legal options are available is to seek legal counsel.

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