Since many of us frequently complain about how hard it can be to get much done at work, it’s important to pass along helpful tips for communicating clearly with others. This type of advice can prove just as useful in the boardroom as it can among entry-level employees.  

In a general sense, the suggestions offered here basically revolve around knowing what you’re going to say ahead of time and then choosing the best time and means for delivering your message.                                                                                     

Hints for Communicating More Thoughtfully and Effectively

  • Always know why you desire to communicate with someone before you speak or write to them. Even if you just want to deliver a friendly “Hello,” it’s good to know that and then not send an overly long email – or drag out a casual conversation. (If you think your message may make someone sad, always try to honor them by delivering it in private – and in person;
  • Emotional writing should normally be spoken and not be put in writing. Not only does giving someone bad news by email seem thoughtless, it really tells someone that you care very little about them or how they may react. Furthermore, it’s far too easy to get carried away – or to say the wrong thing – when trying to put feelings into words. Also, when you speak to someone face-to-face (or over the phone or Skype when the person doesn’t work in your office), you’ll have the immediate chance to clarify something you’ve said if it’s misunderstood;
  • When you need to document factual information, either send it first by email or send a follow-up email after giving the information to people in person. We all have a tendency to not listen very carefully, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Therefore, sending along an email helps you document that the information was shared – and when. (It’s also a good idea to use some type of email program that documents that the person it was sent to both received it and read it);
  • When communicating, learn to listen more than you talk. While all of us would like to believe that we have uniquely important information to share – the fact is that you will usually learn more in life if you listen more than you speak;
  • Simplify (and shorten) your messages whenever possible. Many of us tend to be long-winded when we speak or write. If you really want to increase the chances that someone will remember what you’ve said – say it clearly and succinctly.

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