According to an article in the September 2014 double issue of Time magazine, although many new “wearable” types of technology have hit the marketplace during recent decades, there’s currently a “race to make [each new one] the biggest thing since the smartphone.” Those taking part in this “race” include Apple, Google, and Samsung.

A man by the name of Hosain Rahman is now viewed as one of the “chief stylists” in this field. In fact, Time magazine named him one of “The 100 Most Influential People” in an early May 2014 issue.

Rahman founded his company Jawbone back in 1999. Some of its most popular products include a “line of UP wristband computers.” He continues to set the pace for many designers and inventors in this field. One of his highest selling products is a “fitness and sleep-tracking UP band” that’s said to look very appealing. It has appeared on the wrists of many celebrities.

Other individuals and companies are also moving full speed ahead in the highly lucrative field of wearable technologies. Here’s a look at some of the others leading the way.

Activities and Trends in the New Merger Between Technology and Useful Accessories

According to one review of the types of accessories available in 2014, “the field of wearable technology is broad, and the list of applications is limited only by developers’ imaginations and undeveloped markets. Much wearable technology as it exists today resides as a $700 million industry in the form of sports and activity trackers . . .” 

If you’re among the many people wanting to purchase new goods from companies selling wearable technologies, you should try to keep in mind four main factors.

  1. Function. Each person must decide which wearable technologies are worth using. Some simply provide entertainment pursuits, others help you monitor personal health issues, and the remainder can help make key daily activities more manageable;
  2. Compatibility. You should always take along your smartphone or other similar high-tech devices when buying wearable technology because you will want to try and get them to interface with one another -- or maximize the technology’s benefits to your lifestyle;
  3. Simplicity or Ease of Use. Be sure you find out ahead of time how much you may need to interact with the device or if it’s one that will just record information on your behalf;
  4. Design. Depending on what you do for a living or how you prefer to exercise, you need to make sure that whatever wearable technology you want to purchase is fully compatible with your usual daily activities.

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