If you handle meetings properly, your employees may start to enjoy attending them instead of doing all they can to avoid them. Of course, to achieve this outcome, you’ll always need to make the meetings as brief as possible, and only share truly worthwhile information.    

Keep in mind that it’s also wise to try and hold your meetings at the same time each week so everyone will know when to set aside time to attend. However, before you decide to hold your first meeting, make a careful list of the exact information you plan on sharing and jot down the names of those you plan to invite. Next, you’ll need to decide who should present the majority of the material – and then provide that person with the correct meeting time if you’re sharing the floor with someone who doesn’t normally attend.                                                               

Finally, avoid just sharing negative information during meetings and always try to start out by congratulating high achievers -- or introducing new employees or team members to everyone else who is present.

Here are some other important pointers concerning effective meetings.

Factors that Can Help or Hinder Good Meetings

  • Be sure to choose a meeting place that can comfortably seat all who might attend. No one usually likes having to stand the entire time. If you’re going to be making a PowerPoint presentation, choose a room that provides proper lighting and that allows everyone to easily see the materials;
  •  Consider sending out a brief outline regarding the topics to be covered in an email ahead of time. If there will be a guest speaker, go ahead and tell the staff who is coming and tell them a bit about the person’s background;
  • If you want attending staff members to “brainstorm” with one another, be sure to divide those attending up into teams for this purpose. Once everyone’s had a chance to come up with some new ideas, ask each group to have one person present their best new ideas to all those in attendance;
  • Try to make the meeting area inviting by serving coffee, donuts and/or health snacks. Also, look for a meeting room where you can easily choose the best temperature and that has immediate access to nearby restrooms.                                                                                    

In order to keep the meeting as free as possible from unnecessary interruptions, ask everyone present – right at the beginning of each meeting – to turn off their cellphones and put them away so that no one will keep checking to see if a new text message has just arrived.

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