Far too often, some people make it far into adulthood before they ever discover that they have major issues with authority figures. Nevertheless, you don’t have to let these employees constantly question you or defy your requests.

Before every correcting a disrespectful worker, make sure your employee handbook clearly spells out the consequences of improper behavior, including insubordination. While you may need to give the worker a second (or even) third chance to correct such behavior, be sure to document each incident. Also, inform the rude worker that the behavior is unacceptable and clearly indicate that the person’s job may be on the line if changes aren’t made immediately.                

Here are some additional ideas for handling rude employees.                                           

Other Tips for Dealing with Rude Employees; Also, Ways to Evaluate Your Own Behavior

  • Remember to always respond calmly and try not to appear upset in front of the other employees. If necessary, you can always ask to see the insubordinate employee in your office now, or immediately after a current meeting ends. If the person normally doesn’t act this way, point out what just took place and explain why you’re displeased;
  • If you are at fault for anything, be big enough to accept the blame and apologize, in private, for what you did that was improper. Just remember to never allow any employee to get away with extremely loud or derogatory outbursts directed at you;
  • Ask yourself if you’re possibly micromanaging your employees. Be fair and really try to look objectively at the way you interact with people after giving them assignments. It’s never a good idea to constantly try to control every aspect of how employees handle their work. People need the chance to experience at least a little self-expression in the way they address their duties. If you discover that you’re in the wrong, tell the person that you will try to allow them greater “space” and not interfere with their work process as much in the future;
  • Make it very clear that you will not tolerate repeated outbursts. Once you’ve called the

rude worker into your office, close the door – or ask other managerial staff to join the two of you. At this point, clearly explain that any further, extremely rude outbursts will likely result in dismissal -- or other  types of disciplinary action that you’re about to explain.

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