While many corporate executives prefer to stay in luxury hotels regardless of their cost, a number of startup companies have begun realizing how much money they can save by avoiding pricier hotel rooms.

The September 2014 issue of Entrepreneur features an article in its business culture section addressing more economical ways to travel. Its piece entitled, “Style, Simplified” references places like Aloft that are select-service hoteliers. They can help you reduce your travel expenses while still offering the basic amenities you may need. Since many of us spend very little time in our hotels rooms while attending seminars and business meetings in different cities, it makes sense to investigate these price savings.

Here’s some additional information about what you can find in these types of hotel settings that may annually save your company large sums of money.

Types of Amenities Offered by Aloft and Other Select-Service Hotels

  • Modern lobby areas where you can meet casually with others or just relax. Instead of offering pricey meals in its own restaurants, Aloft offers areas where you can order drinks from a bar, play billiards or visit grab-and-go delis;
  • You’ll find simplicity in room design that still incorporates modern technology. Most rooms offer platform beds and walk-in showers featuring rainfall heads. Guests can easily access fast and free Wi-Fi as needed and these types of hotels often offer various high-tech means of checking in and out for many regular visitors. Radio frequencies are often harnessed to help guests lock and unlock their personal room doors;
  • Some select-service hotels offer wellness features equal to those of much more luxurious chains. You can often take advantage of well-equipped gyms and in many places, go swimming in heated indoor pools.

While the September 2014 Entrepreneur article honestly admits that some guests don’t enjoy this type of less luxurious setting, others still remain quite pleased. In fact, a number of people look into investing in these types of hotels after staying in one.                                      

Many Investors Recognize the Promise of “Select-Service” Hotels

According to Smith Travel Research reports, various chains are making headway into this money-saving “select-service” niche. In fact, sales of these types of hotels are now proving to be quite lucrative. Furthermore, during a recent NYU Investment Conference, panelists indicated that “Select-service hotels have become popular with investors because of their strong performance metrics and clear investment profile.”

Even if your company’s CEO, corporate officers, and other high-profile executives prefer to keep staying in the higher-priced motels, it’s always wise to consider requiring your newest employees to stay in such quarters. Once they prove their value to the company, they may then move into the more luxurious hotels.

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