After someone is injured or even killed in a catastrophic Georgia drunk driving crash there are often two separate trials that take place: criminal and civil.

The purpose of the criminal case is to determine if the driver is guilty of a crime such as causing serious injury or death through drunken driving. The purpose of the civil case is to allow the victim of the wreck to recover damages for his or her medical bills, permanent losses and much more.

Most people harmed in drunk driving accidents are focused on the civil case. Understandably, their main interest is recovering the money they need to put their lives back together after being shattered by an irresponsible act. However, the criminal case is also very important.

While criminal cases can be very long and complex, the Georgia DUI victim attorney you are planning to hire for your civil case can also help you keep up and understand the criminal case. An experienced attorney can be an invaluable asset from day one.

Why the Criminal Case Matters

The criminal case after a Georgia drunk driving accident is important because it sets the stage for a civil case. If the driver is found not guilty on criminal charges, you may still be able to recover financial compensation for your related costs and pain and suffering.

If the person who caused your wreck has been found guilty of serious charges, and your attorney recognizes the importance of the verdict, you may be able to recover punitive damages against them for egregious acts or reckless behavior. This compensation is in addition to everything else.

How to Hire the Right Attorney for Your Case

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