Car accidents happen for many different reasons. Often, accidents happen because a driver makes a mistake or otherwise fails to follow a traffic law. For example, speeding, tailgating, and running red lights cause accidents every day across the United States. Another highly common cause of car accidents is drivers who fail to properly yield to other vehicles or pedestrians who have the right of way. Failing to yield often results in broadside accidents, which usually cause serious injuries. Furthermore, pedestrians who are hit by drivers who failed to yield often suffer extensive, if not fatal, injuries. If you have been injured in an accident cause by a failure to yield, contact a Fayette County auto accident attorney to help you receive the compensation you deserve.


Drivers are often required to yield in the following situations:


  • To pedestrians in crosswalks
  • At four-way stops or intersections
  • When merging from an on-ramp or side road
  • Prior to making right or left-hand turns
  • When planning to enter a busy road form a driveway or private lane
  • To emergency vehicles sounding their alarms


Most failure to yield accidents occur in intersections, because driver either disregarded a traffic signal, right-of-way rule, or simply had a lapse in concentration. Drivers making left-hand turns often fail to yield to oncoming traffic. Drivers making turns sometimes do not realize they must drive over crosswalks where pedestrians may be. Drivers who come to a four-way stop may not realize who has the right-of-way. All of these are examples of how dangerous and costly failure to yield accidents commonly occur. No matter what the circumstances were, the driver who failed to yield should be held liable for any resulting injuries and losses.


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