The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that in 2010, a person was killed in an alcohol related motor vehicle accident approximately once every 51 minutes in the United States.  That statistic means that over 10,000 preventable deaths occurred in one year alone.  Furthermore, injuries from accidents caused by impaired drivers can be very costly.  In fact, drunk driving accidents cost over $37 billion every single year.  Significant amounts of both life and money can be easily saved if drivers would simply not get behind the wheel of a car after drinking.  However, millions of Americans continue to drive under the influence and put other drivers at risk.  If you are involved in a car accident due to an impaired driver, contact an experienced Raymond DUI accident attorney to help you with your case.


The NHSTA has partnered with the United States Department of Transportation in helping states to tackle the problem of drunk driving.  The agencies distribute literature to law enforcement and community leaders to educate the public on the severe dangers of impaired driving.  One of these educational programs focuses on young adults, trying to teach them that drinking and driving is no longer the social norm nor socially acceptable.  The theory is that a lot of younger adults in their 20's, especially in smaller cities without decent public transportation, believe that everyone drinks and drives, and thus doing so is not a big deal.  By changing this mindset, agencies hope that young people will automatically attach a negative stigma to drunk driving and avoid impaired driving themselves and will encourage their friends to do the same.


By implementing educational programs, organizations hope to change perceptions of the acceptable nature of impaired driving.  They hope to spread the message via media outlets and through presentations at high schools and college campuses.  Hopefully, research in the coming years will show that show community programs will make a difference in the prevalence of dangerous drunk driving.  IN the meantime, each driver can try to keep themselves and passengers safe by never drinking and driving and never getting into a car with an impaired driver.  If you are in an accident with an impaired driver, a Coweta County DUI accident lawyer can help you hold that driver accountable for his or her illegal and risky behavior.  Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 for help doing so. 

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