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Effectively Dealing With an Emotional Georgia DUI Accident

Different Coping Mechanisms Needed for Diverse Gwinnett DUI Accident Victims

Since victims of Georgia DUI accidents come from different walks of life they react differently to their own Gwinnett County DUI accident. Putting aside the physical injuries that they must cope with, the emotional scars left from their drunk driving car accident will last much longer. As seasoned Gwinnett County DUI accident attorneys, we understand that everyone heals differently.

Recuperating Emotionally in Gwinnett County

Working through the emotional injuries of a DUI accident takes a lot of work.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving countless survivors have to deal with the loss of a loved one. One unfortunate couple was forever separated. A husband was driving his pregnant wife on vacation when he saw an on-coming car. To save his wife, he swerved the car right so the drunk driver would impact his side of the car. This action saved his wife’s and their baby’s life. The wife, similar to other Atlanta DUI victims, must now heal her emotional injuries in addition to her Gwinnett County DUI accident physical injuries. Other emotion injuries that must be treated include:

  • Facing their fears of driving or being in a car
  • Living their life without their loved one(s)
  • Coping with their new life
  • Learning to trust people

Without a doubt a drunk driving crash victim may yearn to have the life they did before the Atlanta auto accident happened. All of the emotional Georgia DUI accident injuries can certainly cause or extend the emotional lows. Gwinnett County car accident victims can be in a vicious cycle wondering how long their emotional injuries will last.

Anger, hopelessness and feelings of depression can set in when a DUI victim understands the full scope of the long-term medical treatment required for their physical injuries. Atlanta car accident victims should work with their accident lawyer and doctor to determine an effective course of medical and legal actions. Taking ownership of figuring out how to make the most of a victim’s life will help a car accident victim move their life after the accident forward.

Life altering injuries are just that – life altering. Yes, they will be emotionally painful. Gwinnett County DUI accident victims will unfortunately remind themselves of their injuries, an in ability to perform daily tasks will remind themselves of their physical limitations and stares from the public will remind car accident victims of their DUI accident. Instead of letting the injuries weigh on their minds and further limit their capabilities, coming to terms with these injuries is the only way to heal emotionally in Georgia.

Regardless of the type of emotional and physical injuries you sustained in a Gwinnett County car accident, you have legal rights under Georgia personal injury law. The accident attorney that you speak with at the Law Offices of Shane Smith will help you obtain closure to close this chapter in your life and start a new one. Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (888) 927-6955 to start your emotional healing journey from your Atlanta DUI accident.

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