Victims of Atlanta DUI accidents suffer in more ways than one. Not only do they have to heal physically, but they also have to heal from the emotional pain caused by the drunk driving crash. As experienced Atlanta DUI victim attorneys, we would like to offer you a closer look at what victims may experience and what it means to heal emotionally from an injurious drunk driving crash. 

Healing Emotionally

The healing process can take a long time and takes a lot of work, but emotional healing can be achieved. However, it may depend on the seriousness of the injury. Atlanta DUI victims may struggle with healing emotionally when they are faced with the following things:

  • Coming to grips with their physical limitations
  • Trying to do the things they did before the wreck
  • Finding ways to socialize again
  • Thinking about their future
  • Learning how to walk or talk again

Understandably, a victim of a drunk driving accident may grieve the loss of the life they knew before the crash occurred. The things we listed above can contribute to that grief or cause anxiety, especially if victims wonder whether their life will ever be the same.

Frustration may set in when victims learn about their injuries or when they get an idea of the course of healing that may be required. Victims should be their own advocate to learn as much as they can about their injuries and the best possible treatment. This can help them start to regain a sense of control over their life again, which may help them move forward. 

Although it is difficult, victims need to work toward accepting their physical limitations. Their physical injuries will remind them of the accident every day. A look in the mirror, an attempt to go for a run or mow the lawn, or any number of activities will remind them of the drunk driver that caused the accident. However, it is emotionally empowering for victims to admit they are injured, accept their limitations, and determine to conquer those limitations in as much as they are able.

Atlanta DUI victims still may become overwhelmed with grief and feelings of sadness. Victims may find strength in viewing themselves not as victims, but as survivors of a tragic crash.

If you were injured in a Georgia drunk driving crash, you have rights to financial compensation for your injuries. For more information about to what you are entitled, call an experienced Atlanta DUI victim attorney and make sure your future is protected. You can reach Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999 or (866) 979-1629 for a free consultation and a complimentary copy of our book, I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver: What Do I Do Next? The Guide for Victims of Georgia Drunk Driving Accidents.

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