Drunk drivers can cause both physical and emotional injuries to accident victims and their families.  Even though a person who was driving under the influence (DUI) may face criminal charges, fines, and possible jail time, criminal court does not provide financial compensation for any accident victims.  Instead, DUI accident victims have the right to pursue a claim in civil court by filing a personal injury lawsuit.  If you have been injured in a DUI accident, contact an experienced Fayette County DUI accident lawyer as soon as possible to start working on a potential case.


The first thing you must show in a DUI accident case is that the other driver was, in fact, intoxicated.  After a DUI accident, the police often report to the scene of the accident, perform breathalyzer or blood tests on the driver to test blood alcohol content (BAC), and arrest the offending drunk driver.  The evidence of the police report and the BAC test can be used to show intoxication in your civil case, as well.  A DUI attorney knows how to gather all of this evidence and use it to show the drunk driver was breaking laws and therefore acting in a negligent manner.  Once you show this, you will likely be able to recover for all losses you incurred due to the accident.


In order to prove your losses, you also need to show evidence of all of your medical expenses, lost wages, as well as estimated future losses.  Estimated future losses may include future lost wages, benefits, and costs for future medical procedures.  These estimations may be complicated by potential pay raises, inflation, and more.  Therefore, you will want an attorney who knows how to make these calculations and provide evidence to back them up.


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