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What is a Premises Liability Claim? A Roswell Slip-and-Fall Attorney Explains

A premises liability claim is a claim against property owners for their negligence or failure to prevent injuries on their premises due to dangerous and hazardous conditions. Examples of premises liability cases include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Staircases with broken steps or poor lighting
  • Objects falling from overhead
  • Dog bites
  • Animal attacks
  • Swimming pool drowning
  • Inadequate fencing around swimming pools
  • Faulty or missing stair rails and balcony railing

In order for a victim to have a premises liability claim in Roswell, victims must show that the property owner should have known about the dangerous condition, knew about the dangerous condition but failed to take the necessary steps to make the premises safe, or failed to warn people of the hazardous condition. When any of these circumstances occur and cause injuries to innocent victims, there is reason for a premises liability case to be pursued against the negligent property owner.

Property owners may not be the only ones liable. Other responsible parties may include:

  • Possessors of property
  • Retail establishments
  • Supermarkets
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Landlords
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Property management companies
  • Amusement parks
  • Hotels

As a victim of a slip and fall accident in Roswell, you can pursue a premises liability claim for negligence against the parties responsible for failing to make their premises safe and free from hazards that caused your injuries. In order to ensure the strength of your claim, it is critical to get medical treatment, take pictures of your injuries and the hazardous condition, and collect names and contact information of any witnesses.

Available Compensation in Roswell Slip and Fall Cases

After tripping on torn carpet, slipping on a wet floor, or falling from another hazardous condition, you need compensation for your injuries, mental anguish, pain, medical expenses, future medical care, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, impairment, and disfigurement.  In order to get the highest compensation available, you should engage an experienced premises liability lawyer.

An attorney skilled in Georgia premises liability law will know how to present your case, know how much your case should be worth, and know how to get you the compensation you deserve. After suffering injuries on someone else’s property, don’t suffer the financial consequences as well. Talk with the Law Offices of Shane Smith to discuss your case and find out your rights. You can reach Roswell personal injury lawyer Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999 and receive a free, private consultation today.

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