Very recently, the Consumer Products Safety Commission reported that the bicycle manufacturing company, 3T Design, issued a recall on all Cervelo bicycles with Aura Pro handlebars.  The handlebars clamps were becoming detached mid-ride, causing the cyclist to lose steering control and creating risk of injury.  On a regular basis, similar sports equipment companies realize faults in their products and issue recalls.  However, there is always a chance that a consumer who owns the product will not hear of the recall.  After all, how many regular Americans regularly check the Consumer Products Safety Commission website on the off-chance that a product they purchased has been recalled?  Furthermore, many companies do not realize faults in their products until numerous consumers have already suffered injury.  If you have been injured by a faulty product, such as a malfunctioning bicycle, a Fayette County personal injury attorney can help get you reimbursed for your injuries.


Product designers and manufacturing companies are not perfect, and often they may create a product they believe to be completely safe, when there is actually a dangerous defect.  Whether the defect happened in the design process or in the factory, the risk of injury to consumers who trust the company usually incites a product recall.  Recalls are especially important with certain types of products, such as:


  • motor vehicles or cycles
  • protective equipment, such as helmets
  • prescription drugs
  • infant or child products
  • potentially poisonous food products.


Companies that do quality business not only care about the company's reputation, but usually have genuine concern for their consumer's well-being.  Unfortunately, not all companies operate as honorably as 3T Design.  Some companies in the past have been known to decline recalls to avoid extra cost or possible loss of customers.  If a company knows its product is defective and opts not to recall it, and the product injures a consumer, that company should be held directly liable for that consumer's injuries.  Additionally, if a company did not fully know, but should have known, of the defect, there could still be significant liability on the company's part.


If you hear of a product recall, be sure to replace that product.  However, if you are injured by a faulty product for which no recall was issued, an experienced Fayette County personal injury lawyer can help you file a personal injury lawyer against the company.  Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (770) 487-8999 to discuss your case today.

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