Georgia Accident Attorney Shane Smith Details How Victims Experience Faulty Medical Devices & Products

Many Georgia residents, including those in Fayette County, use medical devices every day to survive and live a normal life as possible. People use oxygen tanks, dialysis machines, pacemakers and other medically necessary devices that save their lives. Equally as important devices include wheelchairs for disabled and elderly who depend on them for everyday functions. Since these devices are essential to staying alive and day-to-day functioning, when these devices malfunction the results can be deadly.   

There are Many Examples of Defective Medical Products

  • Heart stents:  If the heart stent is defective and you require emergency medical treatment because you experience cardiac arrest.
  • Pacemakers:  If a pacemaker stops or malfunctions, an individual can have catastrophic results including another heart attack or even death.
  • Knee replacements:  Faulty knee replacements cause victims to have compromised mobility, infection, swelling, and bone and/or neurological damage.
  • Hip replacements:   Defective knee replacements cause pain, may cause additional bone fractures and requires another surgery to correct the defective product.

How and Why do Defective Medical Products Reach Patients?

There are many reasons why defective products reach patients including:

  • Faulty construction – medical devices created with sub-standard materials and with poor workmanship can cause a medical device to malfunction or not work at all
  • Poor or no inspections – regardless of where a medical device was manufactured, in the United States or in a foreign country, it needs to be inspected by the manufacturer and government. If no inspections are made and the device acts counter to its intended design, a personal injury claim may exist. If inspections are made and the medical device does not act as intended during inspection and tests, but later malfunctions when used as intended, a personal injury may still exist.

If you or a loved one has suffered severe injuries or has died from a defective medical device, you or your loved ones may be able to file a personal injury claim. When you speak with a Fayette County Accident Lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith you will understand what your unique circumstances entitle you to under Georgia Law. When you call our law firm at (770) 487-8999, you will understand if you have a personal injury claim, who the at-fault party or parties are, what damages you may be entitled to and how you can obtain justice.    

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