Different types of businesses require special settings. For example, if you’re going to open a self-service laundromat, you should try to locate it near numerous apartment complexes (and rental homes) that may not offer such facilities. You should also look for plenty of free parking, an affordable lease, excellent plumbing facilities and plenty of strong electrical outlets.                        

In contrast, someone opening a carpet cleaning service that sends its workers out to the customer’s homes will need to meet far fewer requirements when looking for appropriate commercial space. This hypothetical carpet cleaning company’s location needs may be rather similar to those of a sole proprietor who works alone over the Internet. However, all businesses can only operate in specific parts of cities -- in keeping with local zoning laws.             

These simple examples help to illustrate that each business’ location needs are often rather unique and must be kept in mind when searching for appropriate office space.                 

Here are some of the other important factors you must bear in mind, in addition to safety and affordability, when searching for the best location for your business.

Key Factors that Affect Where You Choose to Locate Your Business

  • Your need for pedestrian or vehicular traffic. If you’re opening a food market, you’ll obviously want to place your business where all types of traffic are quite constant;

  • Parking facilities. Many potential customers will avoid your business, regardless of its reputation, if it’s hard to park near your building or office (or if it’s too costly);

  • Pleasant nature of the surroundings. No one wants to sit at an outdoor café or coffee shop in a crime ridden part of town near street dumpsters that aren’t emptied regularly. Always give the ambience of the surrounding environs plenty of thought if you’re hoping your patrons will truly enjoy the time they spend at your establishment. This is especially true if many of them will be seated outdoors during different seasons;

  • Nearby competition. While it’s okay to open up a new coffee shop near one of those well-known national chains, it can certainly cut into your business if your brand is not well known. Be sure you’re able to provide special foods or other items to distinguish your cafe;

  • Affordability in light of the neighborhood. If you’d like to open a pricey steakhouse in a poorer part of town, think again. Be sure that whatever you’re selling in your store or restaurant is something that those who live nearest can afford – unless you’ve got such a strong clientele for your restaurant (or similar business) that your longstanding customers will follow you just about anywhere you go;

  • Hi-tech wiring, electrical outlets and A/C. If you want your customers to bring their laptops to your store or coffeehouse, be sure you have the best communication wiring available. Also, be sure to offer adequate air conditioning during the appropriate times of the year (and keep in mind that computer equipment can raise the temperature considerably if numerous patrons are using their laptops in a small, confined space). Always ask the landlord which utility companies serve the area and find out what they charge, since you’ll probably not be allowed to arrange service with a specific provider of your choice – although that may be negotiable.                                                                                         

    Finally, be sure to brainstorm with others about the various necessities you’ll need to offer your customers. That way, you’ll be less likely to forget something basic, like adequate restroom facilities. If customers will be coming regularly to your office, always try to create the most inviting space possible that you can afford, while still meeting all of your monthly bills and other financial responsibilities.

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