Although it sounds like it might be easy to think up an idea that could provide the basis of a successful company, most of us simply fall short when it comes to the special creativity, “vision,” management skills, and fundraising talents required. However, there are those who can personally excel in or more of those areas and also know how to attract partners or employees who can easily provide the balance of the required skills. When that happens, creative magic can occur -- as each of the following companies that made Inc. magazine’s “Ten Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” list now know.

The companies that “scored” one through five on that list included: Fuhu, Quest Nutrition, Reliant Asset Management, Superfish, and Acacia Communications. Nearly just as impressive are the businesses briefly described below which ranked six through ten on that same list.

Additional “Top Ten Ranked” Private Businesses Based Upon Growth/Ongoing Success

  • Provider Power. Ranked number six on Inc.’s list, this company based in Maine is an electricity provider licensed to do business in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire.  The company believes part of its amazing growth is attributable to its advertising campaign which promised new customers that they would save “$100 a year” if they switched their service to Provider Power;

  • Crescendo Bioscience. When entrepreneurs are smart enough to come up with companies like this one, you can’t really feel jealous – just a bit awestruck! This company based in California is the brainchild of Michael Centola, who holds a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry. The company’s president describes Crescendo’s work by saying, “We have developed sets of quantitative objective tools to help doctors know what’s going on in the biology of a patient in a given point of time.” When you realize how everyone might benefit from a doctor having access to this type of information at some point in their lives, you can see why this company’s future growth may prove truly amazing. (Inc. ranked this company number seven on its recent list);

  • Plexus Worldwide. This company is trying to provide solutions for people all over the world who are struggling with various health issues, especially those tied to weight and diet. Ranked number eight on Inc.’s recent list, this company’s most recent three-year growth rate was 16,457%, earning the company $159.9 million in revenue in 2013. While these numbers are very impressive, it will be interesting to see if consumers decide to stick with some of the relatively inexpensive, proven weight loss programs readily available -- or purchase products they think will address most of their problems for them;

  • Vacasa.  Based in Oregon, this company was ranked number nine on Inc.’s recent list of the “Ten Fastest-Growing Companies in America.” Considering the amount of disposable income constantly spent on pleasure in this country, it’s not surprising that this “full-service vacation rental and property management company” is doing so well. Vacasa has business ties to “more than 1,100 properties across 30 western U. S. cities from Kihei, Hawaii to Vail, Colorado;”

  • Go Energies. Earning the number ten spot on Inc.’s recent list is this fuel-management software company launched by Phil Dorroll after he took over a family business. With a three-year growth rate of 16,006%  (and 2013 revenue of $32.9 million), Go Energies appears to have a very bright future.

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