The highly successful business magazine Inc. recently published its list of the “Ten Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.” Perhaps what’s most noticeable about the top five companies is that they address a highly diverse set of needs. In contrast, the businesses ranking between numbers six and ten nearly all provide solutions to specific energy, science or technology needs. (Only businesses ranked between one and five will be addressed in this article.)

This Inc. article specifically looks at such companies as Fuhu, Quest Nutrition (proving that some food products can be wildly successful), Reliant Asset Management, Superfish, and Acacia Communications. Here’s some brief information about each of these thriving companies.

The Top Five of the 10 Private Companies Ranked by Inc.

  • Fuhu. It’s great to see that this number-one ranked business based in California is breaking new ground while creating educational devices for kids. It’s product called Nabi is the “first just-for-kids Android tablet;” 

  • Quest Nutrition.  Ranked number two in this list, Quest Nutrition is a company based in Segundo, California. It has found a way to create tasty protein bars and other products that some might mistakenly consider “junk food” -- that are actually good for you. While avoiding the use of sugar, the recipe mavens working for Fuhu have created such top-notch food items as potato chips, pasta – and even chocolate chip cookie dough protein bars;

  • Reliant Asset Management. Even though the oil and gas process known as “fracking,” remains rather controversial, it has provided this company with plenty of business. (According to one highly regarded, international news website, “Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside.”) Reliant (ranked number three in this list) has seen its sales skyrocket while it provides “remote-workforce housing at oil and gas sites.” As might be expected, demand for these structures is especially high in both Texas and North Dakota – as well as around Canada’s Athabasca oil sands. Given the environmental dangers associated with fracking, it’s uncertain whether this company’s future sales will be negatively affected by any new government regulations;

  • Ranked number four, this Palo Alto, California “visual search” company is well known to many who have used its “wildly popular app PetMatch” which helps people review photos of certain cats or dogs when searching for new furry friends. This company believes “it’s cracked the code on discovering the genesis of images online;”

    Acacia Communications. At the number five spot on this prestigious list, this company “manufactures intelligent subsystems for ultra-high-speed fiber-optic transmission.” Unlike the other companies in this top-five group that are all located on the west coast, Acacia is based in Maynard, Massachusetts. At present, the company is particularly proud of its new, small receiver that “is expected to help tech giants like Apple and Facebook compete against more traditional Internet service providers.”


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