It is a sad realization, but brain injuries from time to time do occur in Georgia nursing homes and in nursing homes nationwide. Often, brain injuries in nursing homes are the result of a lack of supervision, neglect, poorly trained staff, or nursing home abuse. Sadly, when elderly people sustain brain injuries in nursing homes, they can suffer lifelong disabilities or even a wrongful death.

How Do Brain Injuries in Nursing Homes Occur?

There are several ways that residents in nursing homes sustain brain injuries, including:

  1. Falls – when residents are poorly supervised or neglected, and calls for assistance go unanswered, residents may fall and suffer a traumatic brain injury or head trauma.
  2. Patient transfer – when residents at nursing homes are transferred from the hospital to the nursing home or from a bed into a wheelchair, nursing home staff may fail to help residents transfer safely due to inadequate training, improper equipment, or lack of staffing. Sadly, elderly residents may be dropped or slammed into an object by mistake—suffering brain and head injuries.
  3. Abuse – when nursing home staff members get frustrated with elderly patients, some have taken out their anger on residents. There have been reports of staff members hitting residents and shaking them, which can cause bleeding in the brain and brain injuries.
  4. Inadequate oxygen – when residents aren’t supplied with supplemental oxygen or they are caught between the bed rails, they may suffer anoxic brain injury due to lack of oxygen. This type of brain injury can also occur when nursing home staff members smother or choke an elderly resident.

There is not enough being done to protect vulnerable elderly residents from negligent nursing homes. Sadly, many Georgia brain injury cases in nursing homes could have been prevented with adequate staffing, the right equipment, proper supervision, and a safe environment.

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