Gwinnett County Wrongful Death Attorney Explains Circumstances Where Businesses May Be Liable

Often, businesses put a lot of money into renovating their business to improve its appearance, facilities and even training to improve sales in the long-term. Since some business owners who only look at ways to increase their productivity and do not take the safety of their employees and/or customers in account, may put them at risk of becoming a crime victim. Based on Georgia state law, persons invited onto a company’s property, which includes workers and customers, may be able to hold the owner of the premises liability for failing to provide a safe working or shopping environment.

Crime is Serious and Pervasive Throughout America & Georgia

Based on recent statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), in 2005 there was an estimated 1,390,695 crimes. This level of crime was a 2.3% increase in violent crimes compared to 2004. While the police and criminal justice system are responsible for prosecuting criminals under criminal law, victims of personal injury may also use the Georgia legal system to punish the criminals for their acts and hold premises owners for a lack of security for their premises.

If you or you have a family member that has been injured due to a criminal act occurring at your place of work or when you have been shopping at a retail outlet because of inadequate or failure of the premises owner to provide security, you may have a premises liability claim. Talking with a Suwanee accident attorney will let you have your circumstances evaluated to see who the at-fault parties are and if the accident may have been prevented by security. Your Gwinnett County PI attorney will be able to determine what damages you may be entitled to and which party is responsible for paying what damages

What types of damages are available through a premises liability claim?

Damages depend on the severity and type of damages you or your loved one may have suffered. While everyone’s case is different, there are some general guidelines that Georgia courts find in favor for injured parties:

  • Physical Injuries from the attack itself
  • Emotional damages from the feelings of insecurity, anxiety and depression that may result from the event itself and fears of returning to work or the place where it happens
  • Lost wages from the day of the incident, any subsequent days the business is closed and from an inability to go back to work and/or perform one’s job duties because of emotional distress

These are just some of the potential damages that victims of unsafe premises can experience. To ensure you understand and have all of your damages evaluated and calculated for a potential premises liability claim, speak with a Georgia accident attorney. Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at (888) 927-6955 for a complete and free legal consultation today! 

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