Sports Stadiums in Georgia May Pose Hazards to Attendees I Grayson Accident Attorney

When people attend a sporting event they expect to be entertained. They don’t expect to suffer an injury or even dies from unsafe premises. Unfortunately, sports stadium owners and operators may be liable if an attendee, sports-athletes or support staff are injured before, during or after a game. The owner of the stadium may be held liable for the damages or death that results from their negligence or reckless maintenance behaviors.

Ways a Stadium Owner May Be Responsible


Similar to drunk driving, if a stadium serves a patron, underage or of-age, too much alcohol, the stadium may be held responsible at the stadium or if the drunk driver is involved in a drunk driving accident when they leave the stadium. If a driver is underage, there is zero tolerance regarding serving alcohol. If an of-age customer is known to be visible intoxicated and the patron causes injuries to a third party at the stadium or they patron is understood to be driving soon and causes injuries with their car, the stadium may be held liable.


All patrons have a reasonable expectation to be safe and free from injuries from their fellow fans and uninvited persons who may want to trespass or cause them bodily harm. If a patron is injured from a criminal attack due to a lack of security by the stadium owner, there may be a premises liability claim.


Patrons have a reasonable expectation of safety when they enter, exit and use the stadium for their enjoyment purposes. When the attendees go to a stadium, they are entitled to the facilities performing according to normal expectations:

  • Using a chair with normal expectations
  • Have food handled and cooked to healthy standards
  • Be able to use the bleachers, stands and barriers without fear of defect or unreasonab;e safet expectations

Stadium owners, by inviting and attracting sports fans, have a duty of care to keep their stadiums safe, secure and free from unreasonable hazards. However, if a sport stadium operator fails to maintain this level or safety or has done so will a reckless disregard for it, an attendee may have a premises liability claim. The sole way to see if there is a case and what damages may be available is to speak with a Gwinnett County accident attorney. You will be able to learn about your potential claim through a Georgia PI attorney during your free legal consultation at the Law Offices of Shane Smith. Give our offices a call at (770) 487-8999 today!

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