Fall is here and the days are getting shorter.  Many of us are now commuting while the sun is either just just rising or setting.  In the early fall, when the sun is low in the sky, sun glare can be a potentially deadly driving problem.
Experts believe that sun glare, sun blindness, veiling glare or sun dazzle is to blame for numerous car accidents.   While there are no formal statistics, some police officers believe that driving into sun glare causes far more accidents than fog which is more widely recognized for causing perilous driving conditions.
When the sun shines into a driver’s eyes, it has the effect of washing out the image on the retina of the eye with a bright overwhelmingly dominant spot or pattern.  This makes it hard for driver to see. The driver may be able to focus on large, bright and dark colored vehicles, but may not be able to see traffic signals, light colored vehicles and pedestrians.
Ordinary sunglasses make no difference for reducing sun glare. To cut through the dazzle, drivers must wear polarized sunglasses. 
Car design can also increase glare.  The slope of the windshield may have the effect of making glare either better or worse. Light colored, high gloss dashboards reflect glare causing a veil effect that can obscure visibility. And, dirty windshields can make the problem worse.
The Law Offices of Shane Smith presents these tips to help you avoid sun glare accidents this autumn:
•    Wear polarized sunglasses
•    Keep your windshield clean
•    Turn on your headlights so other drivers can see you as they drive towards the sun
•    Drive slower when visibility is low – treat glaring sun just as you would fog or rain
•    If possible, change your driving route to avoid having the sun in your eyes
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