Shane Smith Coweta County PI Accident Attorney Gives You the Facts on Georgia Accidents & Paralysis

Paralysis is defined as the inability for one or more muscle group to move independently or concurrently. Countless Georgia auto accidents cause paralysis because they cause Coweta County car crash victims to suffer spinal cord injuries.

Recent personal injury statics report over 11,000 spinal cord injuries annually. The median age of Georgia spinal cord injury victims used to be about 40 years old, but now more and more Palmetto spinal cord injury victims are in their 60s. The most pervasive cause of spinal cord injuries are auto accidents in Georgia. In fact, other personal injury accidents are other common causes of spinal cord injuries which cause paralysis. Falls, violence, sports injuries and general injuries, which are often caused by personal injury accidents have cause spinal cord injuries in respective percentages of:  23 percent, 14 percent and 9 percent.

In most Palmetto auto accidents, innocent victims suffer paralysis because they have suffered one or more types of severe injuries that fractures or dislocates the spine’s vertebrae. There are many reasons why a Coweta County car crash victim can experience a spinal cord injury:

  • Collapsed roof
  • Defective tire
  • Car Rollover
  • Inoperable seat belt

All it takes is one of these safety mechanisms to fail in conjunction with a Georgia auto accident and one or all of the innocent people in the car can suffer paralysis.  

If you are currently paralyzed due to the negligence of a driver from a Palmetto auto accident, then you need to speak with auto accident attorney Shane Smith. His expertise will help you determine the exact cause of your accident and paralysis. You will be able to learn about all of your rights, have your present medical situation evaluated and have him fight for your past, present and future physical and emotional damages. Call PI attorney Shane Smith at (888) 927-6955 right away!

Suffering from paralysis is awfully frustrating because it is a life-altering injury. There are both emotional and physical damages that you might undoubtedly suffer from a Coweta County accident. Some emotional injuries include:

  • Relegated to a wheelchair
  • Inability to live life and enjoy everyday activities like you did before the accident
  • Not being able to work
  • Suffering from depression from the accident and getting looks from people

Physical injuries include:                                                     

  • Spinal cord injury itself
  • Herniated or bulged disc(s)
  • No control over sexual  or excretory functions
  • Inability to walk or move, depending on the severity and location of injury

Since paralysis is such a serious injury from a Georgia car accident, you need an experienced PI attorney that has years of success obtaining settlements and winning cases for victims of paralysis from Coweta County car accidents. Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith for a free legal consultation at (888) 927-6955. You will have your circumstances evaluated to see what you are legally entitled to and how the Law Offices of Shane Smith auto accident attorneys can help you.

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