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Brain Injuries are all too common and many times they produce catastrophic damages that alter the lives of their victims and their families. Medical research on the human brain is never done and some recent breakthroughs have and will continue to help victims of traumatic brain injuries, especially innocent victims of personal injury incidents.

What is brain damage and are there different types of damage?

Brain damage occurs when the tissue of the brain is damaged. Different types of brain damage include:

Direct trauma to neurons which kills the cells
Connections between the neurons, known as “white matter” can also be damaged
Swelling and loss of oxygen also kills brain cells that affect

Why do some brain injury victims have better outcomes than others?

Depending on where the brain suffers trauma different functions are impacted. For example, if the cortex portion of the brain is damaged, it will impact fewer vital organ systems as is controls personality. However, if the brain stem is damaged, around the clock medical may be necessary because vital functions such as heart rate and breathing are directly impacted.  

How well can a victim’s brain recover from a traumatic brain injury?

Depending on the victim’s age, the ability to recover and relearn basic functions is possible over time. However, if there are past injuries, internal bleeding or a loss of oxygen to the brain can all seriously damage and leave a victim with permanent injuries. While the brain, like every organ in the body has the ability to recover, how well and how complete one’s recovery is depends on many different factors.

What about rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury victims?

In conjunction with the body’s natural ability to heal itself, rehabilitation attempts to “teach” your body and brain how to perform functions that were automatic before a traumatic brain injury. Depending on how serious the damages are, how much rehabilitation, the types of exercise and the age of the patient, medical professionals give nearly all victims a good chance of recovery. With the exception of very severe cases, most victims can learn basic functions, but may have mild to moderate disabilities. It is noted that rehabilitation can be very expensive if many months or years are required.

If you or you are currently taking care of a family member with a traumatic brain injury that has been caused by a reckless or negligent third-party, you may be able to recover for the medical expenses, pain and suffering, the emotional impact and other damages related to the accident. The only way to determine if you have a case is to speak with a Georgia brain injury attorney. The Law Offices of Shane Smith offers a free legal consultation with a Gwinnett County brain injury attorney that will evaluate your circumstances and inform you of all of your legal rights. Call our law firm at (770) 487-8999 today!

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